2Loose Willy's Gasser Project, Blower Motor Assembly:

As the gasser project is taking place at the OD Racing shop a couple miles away from my shop, I had to move a lot of parts this weekend from my shop up to the OD shop so we could start putting the motor together:

The '67 Olds 425 block is fully prepped for assembly, and was on a motor stand, so I just strapped it down to my "Road Rover" cherry picker and moved it:

I also needed to pull apart a '67 Olds 400 ci motor I had stashed away, as the crank is the same as the one for my blower motor, except that this one is drilled for a pilot bushing, and the other one is not, and I am going to run a Doug Nash 5 speed in the gasser, after all, a true gasser has to be a gear jammer !!!

This was the third move of the weekend, good thing it was the long "Labor Day" weekend, I needed all three days to get this all done!

I've been wanting to pull apart the 400 motor anyway, and clean up and prep the parts for storage. But I need that crank, easier than trying to find a machine shop around here that can drill the other crank for a pilot bushing, it would probably have to go to Oahu for that, an expensive and time consuming proposition!

Lucky Live Hawaii!!!

Had some problems getting my old 400 motor apart so I could use that crank, posted some pix on this link here, as it was a "hard fought battle", had to go extra rounds, but I finally prevailed:

Couple Of Battle Pix, Pulling The 400 Motor Apart.......

Finally got the 400 motor crank cleaned up and into the 425 block. The bell and tranny bolted right up, no problem....

Couldn't get the assembled motor with blower high enough with my hoist to get it over the frame rails, so had to take off the blower and intake and then I was able to get it into position between the frame rails....

This called for a minor celebration, found some "unobtainable" good mexican beer and sat and made up a couple of drawings for the motor mount and tranny mount. The motor is positioned so I can fab up a nice set of fender well headers, and so the heads can be easily pulled off without hitting anything. With a 5 degree tilt the tranny tailshaft is aiming directly at the rear third member, and there is plenty of room under the floor tunnel for that Doug Nash 5 speed....

Needed to make up a stout cross member to support the motor mounts, and wanted the center section of the cross member, under the oil pan, to be bolted in so it would be easy to drop the pan without having to pull the motor. With a couple of beers, a tape measure, and a level, I designed what I wanted and sketched out the dimensions from the motor as shown above. Then I laid out the design on my layout table. Yeah, it's upside down, it was easier to lay it out this way:

Then I cut out carboard templates, leaving a half inch space between the two outer pieces, which will be welded to the frame, and the three center pieces, which will be under the pan, for two 1/4" plates on each side to be bolted together:

This is a bit of "overkill", but I had this 2x4x1/8" box steel, so used it to layout out the cross member. Some whacking with my chop saw and I had these five pieces to assemble:

Cut four 4"x4"x1/4" plates, drilled them for four 7/16" bolts grade 8 (what I had on hand) on each side, and welded it up:

Some paint and I'll weld it in place between the frame rails and set up the motor mounts on the two outside pieces. Set it in place here just to check things out, it looks good, about 1/8" wide, so some grinding to fit and then weld it in place.....

Here's the motor sitting on a 1/4" piece of steel on the cross member, with a block under the tranny. Everything centered, with about 5 deg of rear tilt to aim at the rear member.....

Here's the new rear cross member I fabbed up. 1-1/2" steel pipe. Welded some 1/4" plates with three sets of holes for 3/4" vertical adjustment if needed, and with spacers under the tranny mount I can fine tune that. The rear of the tranny is now centered, and I cut cardboard patterns for the front motor mounts.

Welded up some motor mounts and after centering and leveling the motor welded them in place. The heads are bolted in with studs, and there is enough room to pull the heads and clear the firewall.

Had to put the fenders on to see what it looked like!!!

And of course I just had to cut a hole in the floor and bolt in the shifter......

The motor will now come back out and be assembled, once I get the crank back from the machine shop with the crank drilled and the pilot bushing installed......

I decided to stay with the original crank instead of this one from the 400 ci motor. The original was balanced with all the other internal parts, and the 400 crank is not. So will just wait for the original one to come back home....

Time to start working on the rear suspension....

More later......

Here's some links to more pix:

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