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Update: I had an old engine storage stand sitting around, so I mocked it up to see how that would work to move motors around on the road, it looks pretty good, will add some "legs" to bolt it solidly to the "cherry picker" legs. A test run showed that it was quite stable towing in this position.

This is a complete '67 Olds 442 motor, a 400 ci, that I needed to move anyway, so it was a good test:


I needed to be able to move motors around on rough ground, and between two shops a couple miles apart, so I added a pair of boat trailer wheels and a tow hitch to my engine hoist (cherry picker)......

I found that I could easily pick up and load a motor on a motor stand, just run it in as closse to and under the side of the hoist legs as shown:

Connect whatever method you like to the motor and the hoist, I prefer straps wrapped around the motor:

Start to lift the motor to take the weight off of the motor stand:

Then lift the motor stand legs over the hoist legs:

Jack it up higher and locate the motor stand legs over the hoist legs:

Add some support as needed and fasten everything down securely:

Add some tension with the hoist and it will travel securely over fairly rough ground. I have to be careful about turning and side slopes, as the wheel width on the hoist is fairly narrow, and no way I want to turn this rig over !!!

The little flag is to help me reversing using the mirrors. I can line up the hoist with the flag and reverse quite accurately.

For a fully assembled motor, I probably won't move it on a stand. I have some motor storage stands that sit low to the ground, I may modify one to sit low on the hoist legs, keeping the center of gravity down to minimize any overturning potential.

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