I have a '67 Olds 425 engine out of a Delta 88 I've had sitting around here for years, it has 7" rods, a forged crank, and I like the 4.155" bore (+30 overbore) by 3.975" stroke. The block has been bored and decked, but not finish honed yet. I'll finish hone to match the pistons when I get them. The rods were checked, they're good, so had them beam polished and shot peened. The crank checked out good and the journals were polished, so it is also cherry. I recently picked up a set of the Edelbrock aluminum heads for the Olds, and a friend did a nice job street & strip porting these heads. I'm working with Comp Cams to get the best street/strip grind with hydraulic roller lifters for this setup, and I like to use the Comp Cams Pro Magnum roller rockers. I've also got a Doug Nash (Richmond Gear these days) 5-speed that's been laying around from another project for years, so I think that is the setup I will use. It has a 3.30 low and 1:1 fifth, so it will probably work best with a 3.50 rear end.

Here's the ported Edelbrock heads, port matched, smoothed, runner volumes matched, nice street and strip job. A local Maui guy, Jon Karcey, did the work. Thanks Jon!



I've always wanted to build a blown street rig, so decided to do that with this engine, and Don Hampton Blowers does a nice 6-71 setup for the big block Olds, so I got one! I also have a pair of used Super Demon 650's that have been modified for blower operation.

Had to set the blower up on the block and heads to see how it looks, and to measure how much it will stick up above the hood! Ahhh, Better than Christmas!

Got a set of forged blower pistons from JE, 8:1 cr, nice! Also got a blower cam with hyd. roller lifters from Comp Cams, 279/291 duration, 230/236 @ .050, .507/.517 lift, 113 deg lobe separation, it should give good smooth power 2,000 to 5,500, with a slight lope at idle. Also got a main bearing full girdle setup from J&S Machine Shop in Topeka, IL, to tie the bottom end together. ARP studs will also be used to tie it all together.

Link to J&S Machine Shop

hold for 425 engine pic

Click here to go to Hampton Blowers


This old Hot Rod article was about Hampton blowers in shoebox Chevies.

Reworking an Olds 425 to take a 6-71 huffin on it.

Trial fit for the 6-71, a Don Hampton special.

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