My Latest Project, a '55 Chevy Hardtop (Updated Jan, 2013)

This page shows some detail on how the rear springs were relocated under the frame rails without using a "pocket" kit:

Welded up a solid steel box for the front of the springs and welded it solidly to the frame:

As I was removing rusted portions of the trunk floor and the spare tire well, I had access to the frame to weld in a pivot piece for the top of the shackles, and made up some longer, stout shackles to mount there, with the spring just under the frame rail:

Another view, I have not seen any rubbing of these shackles on the frame rails due to hard cornering:

Then I cut some 4" lowering blocks down to 2-1/2" to get the stance I was looking for. Slapper bars keep the twisting forces at the spring mounting pad and the U-bolts under control. There are grade 8 steel locating pins at both the bottom and the top of those lowering blocks. The pinion angle came out right on, I can also machine the tops of those lowering blocks to adjust the pinion angle either up or down if necessary:

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