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Setting Up The Rear Axle and Suspension, Page 2....

Started fabbing the shock mounting bar and lengthened the panhard bar:

A hole saw and a drill press are vital tools for this work!

I got under the car with these parts and aligned them to fit the frame and shock locations, tacked it together, finished welding it on the bench, primered it, then I have to get back under the car to weld it to the frame.

Welded it all together and fitted under the car, and welded it in place. Put the shocks on, with 3" spacers on the coil-over shocks as I don't have springs yet, and set up the panhard bar.

I kept the panhard bar high to keep the rotation of the tires relative to the frame fairly vertical. By lengthening the bar to 36" the arc of movement is nearly straight up and down. I'll see how well this really works when I get it on the road.

The ladder bars have enough clearance under the frame rails so the rear end will bottom out before the ladders make any contact with the frame. By keeping the ladders parallel and connected to the frame, they act as a sway bar, the rear end should be pretty stiff, road testing, again, will verify how well I set this up.

The rear view shows how high that panhard is, and how the shocks are angled in slightly. The arc of the rear end as it flexes is nearly straight up and down, slight arc at 48", so set the shock mounts for sideways rotation.

That white paint is a new metal primer I am trying out. It is pretty tough stuff, and all of it will get a flat black final coat.

Got her settin' on all four wheels for the first time, we rolled 'er around the shop a bit, big momentous occasion last Friday, called for lots of beer....

Pulled everything apart, finished painting, installed third member, added gear oil, all back together and good to go (except no rear brakes yet........)

Thought we should add some brakes. Went digging around in the back of my storage shed, and found these old ford 9" drum brakes came off a truck many years ago. Started cleaning them up and ordered a new pair of wheel cylinders from Napa, as these were too far gone to rebuild. Shoes and drums look good to go though, after a cleanup and some paint:

Got everything cleaned up and painted, the new wheel cylinders came in at Napa, so painted and installed them, assembled it all and it looks good! Will hook up some emergency brake cables later on......

More later......

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