2Loose Willy's Gasser Project, Setting up the Tilt Front End:

Set the front end back on the frame to take a good look.....

Hawaii requires a front bumper, so I am looking at fitting this piece of an old driveshaft in between the front rails and welding it in place. Although it won't go all the way across, just between the rails, I am hoping it will pass inspection. We have to have ALL vehicles inspected once a year here, have to have a current inspection sticker on the rear bumper at all times, the police watch for expired inspection stickers and expired license stickers! Fines are pretty stiff, it's a good funding source for the local inspection stations and the local gov't without any of them having to do much....

Welcome to Hawaii !!!

I'm also looking at that section of frame rail sticking out in front of the front spring support as being cut and hinged, with the fender supports welded to that for the tilt front end. Got it figured out pretty well in my head, now to just transfer that to solid steel....

Got the front cross member/"bumper" welded in:

I decided I wanted the pivot point for the tilt front end to be low, to minimize and possibly eliminate the problem of the bottom rear of the fenders hitting the doors when it is flipped open. Since the front spring supports are solid, and that bolt is a 9/16" grade 8, I just lengthened those two bolts 2" and made up a pivot to mount on them:

Two solid 1/4" thick washers, a 1.5" long 1" diam. solid steel bushing, and a piece of steel pipe fitted over it, a hair narrower than the bushing so it will pivot on the bushing. All bolted up it is solid and does not affect the spring mount at all. Now to put a support for the front end on that:

The frame rails in front of the spring support will be cut on the chalk lines, and the front portion welded to these supports, which will be welded to the pivots at the spring front mount:

I made up a template of how I wanted it to look. Trying to match the support shape to the existing shape of the spring supports and the frame rails. Beer box cardboard works well for template layout:

Roughed out a pair of supports from 1/4" steel plate:


A 1-1/2" steel cross brace was welded in to stiffen the front end so I could cut the portion that will be used with the flip front end.

Then the flip portion was cut off.

Welded it up the way I wanted it, and put it back in place. I don't have a latch or pin setup yet to secure it in place, so it is clamped in the "up" position for now.

Update, here it is with the support frame for the front fenders in place.

Below is the "FIRST FLIP" with the fenders on the support structure. I will complete the welding and paint the subframe, and install some gas struts to limit the flip travel.

Here the sub-frame has been painted and re-installed. The open sections of the frame rails where I cut it have been plated off with some 16 ga I have.

In the space under the front of the frame between the front spring support and the main "flip front" support, I was able to fab a nice little folding "knee brace" to hold the front end up. It folds up nicely when I close the front end. I need to add a "safely latch" to make sure that front end doesn't ever come down on me by mistake when I'm under there working on the motor or whatever. It can get quite windy here on Maui, and those fenders sticking up in the air could easily blow back down! That could get messy!

I also put some coil-over springs on the QA-1's. Went with the 12" long 95 lb rate. It seems to sit nicely with the radiator, fenders and hood in place. There are about an additional 200 lbs to go on yet, rods, pistons, flywheel, clutch, water pump, etc, I weighed it and added on the additional, and it is going to be about 1700 lbs on the front wheels, probably less, as the car's rear is supported on jack stands under the frame quite a ways behind the rear axle, and that distrubutes more weight on the front sitting like that.

Now I get to take all of this apart and start painting the parts, and put it all back together again! Everything but the body itself that is!!! It's staying just the way I found it!!!

More Later.....

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