2Loose Willy's Gasser Project, Setting up the suspension and steering:

Had to install new spindle bushings and kingpins on the '59 Ford truck axle, which required reaming the new bushings to size, here we set the adjustable reamer to a light cut, we did four cuts, "sneaking" up on the fit we wanted a couple thou at a time (Many Thanks fo "Bruddah Kimo" at Benchmark Fab in Corvallis, OR for the help on this!):

The reamer would only do one side at a time, but the long shaft and the tapered centering device at the end kept everything perfectly aligned:

The fit we got is snug, but smooth, no side movement can be felt. The original kingpin and bushings were really sloppy, rattled around like the lid on an old garbage can!

Next, as the kingpins are .010" oversize, had to ream the axle knuckles. Cut about .003" at a time, three passes, then just the barest of a cleanup pass, test fitting the kingpin each time, until I got a nice, tight "tap in" fit, but loose enough to allow self-adjustment when the lock pin was tapped in.

The magnifying glass really helps these old eyes get a perfect read on the caliper. Between readings on the reamer, the knuckle hole, and the kingpin, I was able to "sneak" up on the best fit the way I wanted to. Dad woulda been proud of me!

Perfect Fit!

Now to mount the spindles and set up the steering.

Perfect fit, can't get it any better than this.

Mocking up the steering box location, it's a GM A-body manual fast ratio box out of a '67 Olds 442. Mocking up the steering arm and the drag link for a cross steer setup. This pitman arm is 5" long and has a travel arc of 7":

Needed to check clearances with the rotor, caliper and wheel mounted to determine the steering arm length and angle to get the best "lock to lock" match up between the spindle movement and the steering box arc. Will have to fab a custom steering arm for this setup, that's the old F100 steering arm on top of the tire that I will be starting with. I've determined that I need a steering arm with a 5.5" steer radius, and a drag link 35.5" long. Ordered a drag link from Speedway Motors:

Welded the steering arm onto a 1/4" mounting plate and bolted it to the disk brake bracket w/3 ea 3/8" grade 8 bolts, plus the original 1/2" grade 8 spindle/brake bracket bolts. It's not coming loose!

Got the front coil-over shocks mounted where I wanted them. Once the car is all together I can weigh the front end and decide which springs to put on the QA-1's....

a link to: More Work On The Suspension Over Here....

More later......

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