2Loose Willy's Gasser Project, Hangin' the front axle under there:

Used some of the 2x4x1/8 box steel I had for the front frame extensions, sliced 'n diced and welded up some dropped supports with a 6" wide base at the frame and 2" wide at the springs:

Going with rear mounted shackles, setting up the rear mounts for that:

Made up some stout shackles, 4" eye to eye, out of some 5/16" by 2" stock I had on hand:

Trial fitted, looking good, time to start welding.....

Got the front mounts in place, still lookin' good.....

Pre-loaded and flattened out the single main leaf to what I want for the final ride position to get my final alignment and positioning for the front axle. Will be running 3 to 5 leafs, depending on the front load and final ride height. The Olds 425 and 6-71 blower setup will not be light, might need all five leafs I have on hand from the '59 Ford F-100 that came with the axle......

Got it! It's square with the chassis, centered side to side, and located within the front fender opening where I want it. Now to start working out the steering assembly, still undecided on best way to go on that. Will look at the stock box and it's location or maybe move it? Would have to cut it off the shaft and add a shaft bottom bearing, and some u-joints to do that.

Also have a column and fast rate manual box out of a '67 A-body (Olds 442) I junked out many years ago, might check that out also....

It needs new kingpins/bushings, finally located a set, having them delivered to my brother Mike in Oregon, he has a reamer, and I will be up there next week, we can fit them up nice and snug as Ford intended!

Will set up a dummy Olds block in there with the blower and tranny (a Doug Nash 5 sp) to set up the mounts and final motor location. Then I can make sure the steering arrangement clears the motor.

More later...... Much aloha all, Willy

Here's some links to more pix:

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Reworking an Olds 425 to take a 6-71 huffin on it.

Trial fit for the 6-71, a Don Hampton special.

Did Some Porting Work on some Edelbrock Olds Heads

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