My '55 Chevy Half-Ton, Converted to 4x4....

Steering Upgrade, Page 2:

Update #1 (for this page):

Here's a good shot of the problem causing drag link. As that axle articulates up, that drag link tends to pull the steering arm forward, "bump steering" the truck to the left. I'm trying to eliminate that problem.

Started stripping down the left side to put fresh seals and lube in, and remove the 0ld steering arm....

Got the torch out to heat it up, put a jack under the steering arm, and beat on it with a bloody big hammer, it wouldn't budge....

With lots of heat, I added a 3/4" nut welded onto one of the studs, hoping to unscrew it, but it broke off the stud instead....

Man are those things are in there tight!!!

Stripped it down a little further and whacked off the tops of the last two studs, and as much of the steering arm as I could get off....

Pulled the knuckle off the axle, chucked it into a vice, and burned off the steering arm with the acetylene torch! It just would not come off! Don't have a pix of that process, but it was a fiery event!!!

Here it is all cleaned up and ready to go back on the axle....

ORIGINAL POST for page two:

The steering has "bump-steer" problems, so am converting it to a cross-steer setup....

This is the way I originally set it up with a left-side steering system, with the steering box and pitman arm a short distance in front of the axle. With this short drag link, deflection upwards of the axle pulls the steering arm to the left, heading the truck into oncoming traffic, not good!!!

So now I will put a steering arm on the right side axle hub, lengthen the drag link, rotate the pitman arm 90 deg or so as needed to the rear, notch and reinforce the frame for clearance for the ball joint, and hopefully eliminate this bump steer problem.

If I have to, I will add a pitman arm the full length across the front, matching the length of the new drag link, which will eliminate any side-to-side movement that might affect the steering characteristics.

I had to fabricate a new steering arm to mount on the right side axle knuckle:

New steering arm for conversion to cross steer on the front axle. Cut from 1" plate, shaped and located on the right side steering knuckle for drilling and tapping the knuckle:

Located and center-punched for drilling:

I wanted tapered mounting bolts, the taper of wheel lug nuts works well for this application:

And this is where I have to mount it:

I have transferred "punched" centermarks onto the right side axle knuckle, now I have to remove the knuckle, drill and tap it, and mount the steering arm:

I needed to move the truck to a different shop, and since the motor is still out until I get the steering problem corrected, I needed to add a tow bar. Been wanting to do this anyway, and had an old tow bar I welded up about 50 years ago, so hauled it out, painted it, and welded up a bracket I could bolt to the truck's frame:

The truck towed perfectly behind my Jeep Liberty, no problem at all....

Pulled the front wheels and disassembled the right side hub:

Camera battery went dead, so missed the final pix of pulling the knuckle off, but got it off! Took it to a friend with a machine shop to drill and tap it for me, then I will put it back together with the new steering arm on it.

In the meantime, I tried to pull off the old steering arm on the left side, it did NOT want to come off....

More Later......

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